EASY!Force high-pressure gun

Effortless, not energy-sappingthe EASY!Force high-pressure gun uses the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force for the operator to zero.

          Cup Foam Lance Basic 1

          For high-pressure cleaners with a flow rate of 350–600 l/h: new, robust and very high-quality foam cup lance with outstanding foam quality while consuming half as much cleaning agent.

                Nozzle Light

                LED work light for assembly on EASY!Force spray lances, providing a clear view in poor lighting conditions ensuring controlled cleaning results.

                        Design makes the difference

                        HIGH-PRESSURE HOSE

                        10 m high-pressure hose (M 22 x 1.5) with kink protection. With patented rotating AVS trigger gun connector and manual coupling. Further data: DN 6/155°C/250 bar.

                                FR 30 Surface Cleaner

                                Up to 10 times greater area coverage compared with the conventional high pressure jet.

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